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Rise of Plastic Surgery 

It is not too brash a statement to label plastic surgery as mainstream. The cosmetic advantages that a plastic surgeon can give are no longer denoted to hush-hush gossips regarding the celebrities. On the whole, people have a strong need to appear at their best and plastic surgery is certainly an increasing trend. The date liberated for 2006 coming from American Society of Plastic Surgeons uncover the popularity of miami cosmetic surgery. And according to the ASPS surveys, about 11 million of plastic surgical procedures were performed in 2006. And this is just about 7 percent of increase in 2005. The discoveries of the ASPS denote the top 5 plastic surgical procedures for 2006 and these were: breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.


It is fascinating to take into account the reasons behind the increasing popularity of plastic surgery. In December 2006, an article in USA today was released examining plastic surgery among the baby boomers. This popularly huge demographic is approaching a retirement age which unavoidably takes in a couple of sagging and wrinkles. A number of baby boomers are opting to spend their cash on plastic surgeries. USA Today had said that a lot of baby boomers follow fit and active lifestyles and, for a couple of them, this takes in seeking for means to maintain a youthful appearance. It is all about wanting to appear and feel young and vigorous as much as possible.


Because there are a lot of baby boomers, their increasing interest in cosmetic surgery is a single element that drives the increase in visits to cosmetic or plastic surgeons. The generation that was once dominated the youth culture is still wanting to appear and feel young. And if they think that plastic surgery procedures can aid their lifestyle, a lot are eager to go for it.


Aside from the aging popular, there is another thing behind the popularity of cosmetic or plastic surgery. It lies mainly in the increasing available of the plastic surgery as well as awareness of the advantages in cosmetics that highly trained and qualified plastic surgeons can give. A ripple effect takes place all throughout the population as people have cosmetic surgery miami. And as progressively more people are having plastic surgery, they unmask their relatives and friends to plastic surgery as well as its possibilities. It is not a rare feeling for a woman to want to have a mommy makeover whether she obtains one or not.